housing development in Indonesia from 2001 to 2008 is increasing along with increasing numbers of the population. housing development becomes the government’s concern now is low-cost housing (RSS). While middle and upper half housing costs also rise, especially during the years 2007 to 2008.

Indonesia based on the Housing Finance Survey, about 199,000 families who intend to buy a home in the next three years in the seven major metropolitan areas. 49% of those planning to buy a home intend to take any kind of loan to finance it, ie. in the next three years 97,500 households in the seven metropolitan areas seeking loan. On average, they plan to order IDR 107.7 million, giving a total loan volume of 10,500,750 million IDR.
In 2009, total new home sales is expected to reach 228. 702 units with transaction value estimated IDR 28677000000. View the current estimate, in reality the growth of property sector in 2008 did not increase significantly as we experienced in 2007. This may due to rising inflation and rising interest rates

However, the estimate was proven wrong, the growth of the property industry than was previously estimated to slow down with increasing inflation and interest rates, in fact, leads to a spectacular growth in 2008

Is marked by rapid growth of property loans include construction, real estate, as well as house and apartment loans property displayed highest growth sectors of the loan. Amid inflation and interest rates pressures are still high so far, the distribution of property loan will generate quite high potential of default in the future.

The rapid growth of property loan relates to economic growth unexpectedly still hot. The excessive increase in prices of agricultural commodities and mining, especially in the semester I-2008, has actually increased economic growth outside Java, which are the producers of such products.

source : http://www.dwinindyatono.net78.net/2_1_ARTIKEL-PERBANKAN.html

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